Friday, 14 August 2009

The End and the Start of Something New

Hello Ladies,
I know some of you have noticed my absence over the last few weeks and thank you all for your kind messages.
This is probably going to be the hardest post I will ever have to write so I hope you will all forgive me if I falter.
I am sad to tell you all that Mr D and I have gone our separate ways, obviously here is not the place to go into any details, but now I'm sure you will understand that I haven't been able to carry on as normal.

I have received an enormous amount of support during what has been an awful and emotional time for me and am ever grateful for the fantastic network of friends and family that have carried me over the last few weeks.
I have just returned from Italy, where my family are at the moment, and feel stronger for spending these early days with them.
I've very much enjoyed creating this blog and have met some wonderful and interesting people along the way.
I feel that I cannot, however, carry on writing under the Name of Mrs D as this is no longer in my future.

I will be continuing to blog as I have loved the experience so far and hope you will join me at my new home. I have named my new blog Kelly's Recipes for Life as my original vision still holds true.
I already have so much to tell you all and my dear friend Victoria has been very busy planning some fabulous diversions to keep me focused on a positive path. I am, now, more than ever, grateful for her friendship.
But for now I'm just trying to:

Lots of Love



  1. Sending love and ((hugs)) your way!
    So sorry to hear your news but you will get through it with the support of your friends and family. I only know Victoria through blogging but would love to have her as a friend, you're very lucky to have her!
    As you've so rightly put it yourself 'KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON'!
    Beki xxx

  2. I,m so sad for you ...i have been there too,... i know your heart must be aching but time truly does heal lotsalove Kieren x x

  3. I'm sorry! Friends are great though, and will keep you busy. :)

    I just became a follower on your new blog!

  4. Hi Kelly soo sorry to hear your news. Glad you have your friends and family to support you.
    Glad your back blogging, I have missed you.
    Love Sophie xxxx

  5. Sorry to hear your news, a fresh start with a new blog sound just the ticket. Im sure Victoria has some fun diversions planned for you, we dont know each other but she seems like a perfect friend. Take Care X

  6. Kelly darling, I am speechless and so sorry to hear. I’ve been there and done that and I know what is involved in the process of healing and moving on. Darling, I am here to tell you that time will heal all. A good friend of mine told me once that at times we are sad for an unfortunate event; however, if we only knew how this turn of misfortune will help us in the future, then instead of teas we will pop champagne. I cried when my marriage fell apart, but 12 years later, if I knew then what I know now, I will have celebrated. Hope this turns out to be the case for you. Please thank your friend Victoria for me for taking such good care of you. I am here for you darling, be strong, calm and carry on. I have already changed my blog link to your new home.

    ♥ hugs ♥


  7. I'm with the Duchess. Ive had some hard knocks on the romantic front in life, and every time, things have happened for the best - it just didnt feel like it at the time. You have a whole world of exciting possibilities opening up in front of your eyes at the moment. Sending you love. Diane xxxx


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